We are financial planners. We take the time to listen to you and work closely with you to determine what you want out of life.

Your investment may fall as well as rise and you may not get back what you put in.

Financial Planning

At Capital Risk Management our purpose is to deliver financial peace of mind and help you to be fully prepared for the future allaying any worry or uncertainty.

The financial planning process starts with identifying your life goals, your core values, future aspirations and long-term objectives leading to the creation of an effective plan to achieve these - in other words we seek to determine what it is that you really want out of life and whether your goals are realistic, achievable and affordable.

We typically work with UK Domiciled private clients who recognise the value of planning their financial future and wish to delegate this responsibility to a team of highly experienced professionals.

We will guide you to the right option for you and Ensure that your choices continue to be the most appropriate

Retirement Planning

The UK has undergone some of the most fundamental and radical changes to pensions for many decades; Capital Risk Management believes the reforms overall are a good thing and there is little doubt that the increased number of options will have a significant impact on how our clients manage their pension plans and future retirement choices.

As part of your overall financial plan we will establish your pre and post retirement goals and the flexibility of Income you need.

We will provide in-depth analysis of existing private and company pensions to ensure that these are in line with your life goals.

A key element of the serivce that we provide to our clients is building bespoke and tailored investment solutions

Investment Planning

Our approach to investment portfolio management starts with the need to establish firm and clear goals for the future use of capital. We then build an investment strategy that takes into consideration, for example, your investment time horizons and your thoughts and views on investment risk. Our aim is to maximise your investment return at an acceptable level of risk to build your financial security.

Only when your goals are clear can you make informed financial decisions that contribute to the achievement of these goals. Ultimately this gives you peace of mind about your finances because you know that your financial decisions are in balance with your other values and priorities in your life.

We are able to seamlessly combine your taxation requirements with your investment strategy and personal cash flow planning

Tax and Estate Planning

Our integrated approach to financial planning includes a detailed review of your overall financial position and takes account of personal tax and how this impacts, for example, the overall investment return that may be achieved.

We work closely with our clients solicitors and accountants in all tax matters including estate planning and inheritance tax mitigation strategies. 

Through careful planning and the use of tax efficient investment vehicles we design financial strategies for you, which have the potential to make significant savings for you.

A key and crucial area of building your overall financial strategy is estate planning. This involves discussion and debate on some really challenging issues such as

– How can I efficiently distribute my estate to those specified in my Will whilst still retaining sufficient capital to cope with the unforeseen such as residential nursing home fees?